High Moon: An Urban Fantasy Anthology

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I have a brand new, never published novella available in the urban fantasy anthology, High Moon. All the stories center around a werewolf theme and feature exclusive novellas from Aimee Easterling, Jenn Stark, B R Kingsolver, Marina Finlayson, Dale Ivan Smith, N. R. Hairston, Jenn Windrow, and myself. My novella is set in my Final […]

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Night Traveler Series Conclusion

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Find out how it ends…   After a crazy summer spent facing ghosts, monstrous shapeshifters, and more than one self-declared Aztec god, Tegan Morgenstern is ready to get back to her mundane life. The only magic she wants in her world is the connection she shares with Xol, her soulmate. But when her attempt to […]

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A Dog Person in a Cat World

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The following is a bit of silliness from a recent newsletter, inspired by my Night Traveler Series… Cats and dogs: an age old conflict that’s been around since we started sharing our campfires with them. And though it’s fine to claim to love them both, I’ve found that most folks favor one over the other. […]

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Just Published: Iron Tears

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My novella Iron Tears was originally published as part of the multi-author bundle Caught In Crystal. Since that bundle is no longer available, I’ve just published Iron Tears as a unique title. Cover, blurb, and retailer links below.     After her mother’s tragic death, Kali finds herself alone in the world—until a newspaper article accuses […]

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Night Traveler: Available Everywhere

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On the eve of releasing the second book in my Night Traveler Series, I’ve decided to pull the plug on my Kindle Unlimited experiment and make the series available at all retailers. Track the Sun, the first book in the series, will end its exclusivity period at Amazon in a little over a week and […]

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New Release: Track the Sun

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Introducing the first book in my new series… Track the Sun, the first book in my new Night Traveler Series, will go live on April 30, 2020. I’ve decided to launch the book in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription service. Unfortunately, I have to make the book exclusive to Amazon to participate. I am not a […]

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Old Favorites, New Beginnings

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  I’m currently working on a new series set in my Final Formula/Death’s Legacy universe. This series features all new characters and conflict– including a new flavor of Old Magic! But look for cameos from some of your favorite characters. This time, I wanted to explore one of my favorite tropes: werewolves. But with me, […]

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Now Available: New Multi-Author Boxset

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I’ve included The Necromancer’s Betrayal in the shifter-themed boxset, Wolf Nights. This FREE set is a mix of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance by some talented authors in each genre. Even if you’ve already read my book, this is a great opportunity to get four more books at no cost. Grab your copy today! Indulge […]

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Now Live: Shadows of the Past

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The final book in my Death’s Legacy Duology is now available! Where family expectations extend beyond the grave… Doug Nelson has been working hard to get everything ready for his first Samhain—the most important holiday on the necromancer calendar. Doug has renovated his family home and banished an unsavory ancestor who possessed his brother. Unfortunately, […]

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Iron Souls: The End (Or is it?)

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With the final book, Casting Souls, out in the world, the Iron Souls Series is now complete. (I hope you enjoyed the journey!) But I’m far from finished with that world. After all, the series ended with Briar and friends setting off on a new adventure, so I will be returning to write another series, […]

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