Night Traveler Series Conclusion

Find out how it ends…


After a crazy summer spent facing ghosts, monstrous shapeshifters, and more than one self-declared Aztec god, Tegan Morgenstern is ready to get back to her mundane life. The only magic she wants in her world is the connection she shares with Xol, her soulmate. But when her attempt to help one of his tribesmen goes awry, Tegan must move beyond her mundane life to fix what she has broken.

However, she isn’t the only one with a problem to solve. Tezcatlipoca has troubles of his own, but unlike Tegan, he believes he has the solution: her. He’s willing to assist with her troubles, if she’ll help with his, but the last thing Tegan wants is to work with him again.

Determined to find her own solution, Tegan delves deep into the magical world she has always shunned, but no one has the answers she seeks. With no other option, she is forced to consider Tezcatlipoca’s offer, but giving him what he wants comes at a price Tegan isn’t willing to pay.

Now, she’ll have to embrace all that she is to make things right. Can she find the courage to be the goddess Tezcatlipoca always declared her to be, or will he have his way in the end?

Releases April 30, 2021
Read an excerpt here: Guard the Dawn
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