The Death’s Legacy Series

A Final Formula spin off duology…

Whispers on the Wind (Book One)

Era Brant couldn’t have asked for a more perfect project to launch her interior design business. The Nelson mansion has many hidden wonders: cherry support posts, natural stone floors, and an abundance of paranormal activity. As an avid ghost hunter, Era is drawn to the house for more than just its nineteenth-century charm—especially when she gets a little ghostly help with the proposed architectural plans.

As the new Deacon, the leader of the Old Magic community, Doug Nelson is catching a lot of heat about letting Era and her New Magic contractor renovate the home of their Community’s founder. But Doug’s troubles don’t stop there. His brother Declan has returned home after a messy divorce and befriends Era. Doug was hoping the renovation project would be a chance to get to know Era better. He doesn’t need his brother butting in.

Era doesn’t know what to make of Declan, but when he admits that he’s been communicating with the mansion’s ghost since childhood, she finds a new ally. With his help, she might be able to figure out what this ghost wants. But giving a ghost what it desires can be a risky venture, and as Era knows, dealing with the Nelson dead takes that risk to a whole new level.

Read an excerpt here: Whispers on the Wind

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Shadows of the Past (Book Two)

Where family expectations extend beyond the grave…

Doug Nelson has been working hard to get everything ready for his first Samhain—the most important holiday on the necromancer calendar. Doug has renovated his family home and banished an unsavory ancestor who possessed his brother. Unfortunately, Doug hasn’t been able to banish Declan’s in-laws who hold Declan responsible for his wife’s murder. Now they’re threatening to send their most feared family member, Mona Dunstan, to investigate.

As an Element, Era Brant has never been one to take an active role in the magical community, but when Mona arrives, looking to frame Declan for murder, Era decides it’s time to change that. Though she broke off her budding relationship with Doug, Era can’t abandon him or his brother.

Doug welcomes Era’s help, hoping that by working together, they can move past their differences. It would be a sound plan if not for one small detail: Doug is expected to display his necromantic power on Samhain and make a man a lich. Though the man is willing, Doug knows that if he goes through with it, he will lose Era forever. But a display of power might be just what he needs to silence the Dunstans and save his family.

Read an excerpt here: Shadows of the Past

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