Just Published: Iron Tears

My novella Iron Tears was originally published as part of the multi-author bundle Caught In Crystal. Since that bundle is no longer available, I’ve just published Iron Tears as a unique title. Cover, blurb, and retailer links below.



After her mother’s tragic death, Kali finds herself alone in the world—until a newspaper article accuses her mother of witchcraft. Now Kali can’t even drown her sorrows at the tavern without attracting the attention of local bullies, as well as an enigmatic stranger who comes to her aid.

Perseus has no trouble stopping the bar fight—much to Kali’s annoyance at being denied a good brawl. But when he insists that she is only half human, like him, she decides it is best that they part ways.

But avoiding her new acquaintance isn’t as easy as she hoped. Not when she is confronted by the cloaked man Perseus is hunting. When the man recognizes her mother’s filigree-covered tear catcher, Kali sees in him a possible link to the past and answers to her own mysterious ancestry. If Perseus doesn’t kill him first.

Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords | Apple


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