Ferromancer Sneak Peek

Posted by on Jul 23, 2017 in My Books | 5 comments

As the month of July winds down (where does the time go?), the release date for Ferromancer, my new steampunk fantasy, rapidly approaches. As I’ve mentioned before, the novel will initially release in multi-author bundle, Dominion Rising, on August 8th. I’m excited to share this new story. Beta readers offered comments like “can’t wait for […]

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Introducing My New Series

Posted by on Jun 16, 2017 in My Books | 7 comments

With the Final Formula Series now complete, sort of (more on that below), I’m ready to move into new territory.  I’ve been working on this new series in the background, but since it wasn’t scheduled for release until August of this year, I haven’t said much.  (I don’t know about you, but I just hate […]

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FF5 Releases Today

Posted by on Apr 28, 2017 in My Books | 6 comments

The Fifth Essence, the last novel in my Final Formula Series, has been uploaded in all the usual places–and specially priced! You can grab a copy for just $2.99 this week only. After that, it goes up to its regular price of $4.99. Pick up a copy at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | […]

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The Fifth Essence

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017 in My Books | 8 comments

Cover Reveal, Blurb, and Excerpt Here’s a sneak peek at the last book in my Final Formula Series.  Addie is back on the cover of The Fifth Essence (aka FF5) where her story–or maybe I should say, the current conflict–comes to a close.  Release day is Friday, April 28th–just two days away! Also, if you […]

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FF5 Release Date and Other News

Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 in My Books | 2 comments

The first draft of FF5 is finished and currently with beta readers.  This book is the biggest in the series at 117,000 words (though that number could change as it goes through the editing process).  FF5 goes to my editor at the end of March/early April and is scheduled for formatting after that.  Look for […]

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What’s Next

Posted by on Jan 7, 2017 in My Books | 6 comments

First, I should mention that my Holiday Giveaway has ended and emails have been sent to the entrants.  If you entered, be sure to check your inbox.  Thanks, everyone!  (Now I’d best get started on those charms.) For those who have been asking… FF5 is still in the works, but I’m afraid that one has […]

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A Holiday Giveaway

Posted by on Dec 24, 2016 in Fun Stuff | 4 comments

In this season of gift giving, I wanted to give back to all the awesome folks who have helped spread the word about my books by leaving an honest review. As a thank you for your help, I’m giving away autographed paperbacks from the Final Formula Series. To enter this giveaway, all you have to do […]

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New Release!

Posted by on Jul 15, 2016 in My Books | 15 comments

It’s release day for The Bonds of Blood, the second-to-the-last book in the Final Formula Series!  I’ve uploaded it in all the usual places.  Some sites are slower than others, so check back if it isn’t up at your favorite retailer.  I’ve added the links below and I’ll update them as the others become available. […]

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Coming Soon: The Bonds of Blood

Posted by on Jul 5, 2016 in My Books | 8 comments

Cover Reveal and Blurb The next title in the Final Formula Series, The Bonds of Blood (aka FF4.5) is just about ready to go.  Like the other in-between books, James and Elysia tell this story.  But unlike the other in-between books, this one is a novel at almost 62,000 words. Here’s the cover and blurb. […]

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Blood Gifts

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in My Books | 13 comments

Happy release day!  Blood Gifts, my Ian novella, has been uploaded in all the usual places.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  Writing Ian as a young man was great, and I also enjoyed getting Isabelle on the page.  I hope you like it! I’ve listed the ebook links below.  The print […]

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