It’s Release Day! (Plus a Giveaway)

The Dominion Rising Boxed Set has gone live!

Ferromancer is now out in the world!

Suspecting that the railroad’s new locomotive runs on forbidden magic, canal boat captain Bridget “Briar” Rose decides to steal the schematics and expose the truth. Kidnapping the man who designed the engine wasn’t part of the plan, but solutions aren’t always black and white—sometimes they come in shades of iron gray.

Read the first two chapters here: Ferromancer

Dominion Rising is available at: Apple | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Amazon

Release Week Giveaway

I have some amazing Ferromancer swag created by Ann Christy, one of the Dominion Rising authors. This stuff is gorgeous. Fortunately, she made enough that I’m willing to part with some of it. 😉

I’ll be giving away six items: a magnet, a braided bracelet, a cell phone dust plug dangle, a necklace, a keychain, and a bookmark. See the picture above for a better look at all six items. I also have a closeup picture of the bookmark so you can see the book charms used to create the necklace, dust plug dangle, bracelet, and bookmark. They’re little books! One side has the Ferromancer cover and the other side has the Dominion Rising cover. It even has my name on the spine. So cute!

Winners will be chosen at random from the entrants. First name chosen gets first choice, second name gets second choice of the items left, etc.

How to enter: Post a review of Ferromancer somewhere. It can be on one of the retail sites, a place like Goodreads, or your own website if you do that sort of thing. Then email me (using my contact form here) and tell me where you posted your review.

Giveaway closes at midnight (PST) on Sunday, August 13th. I’ll send out emails the following day notifying the winners.

Looking for more release week fun? Check out at the Dominion Rising Launch Party on Facebook. Meet the Dominion Rising authors and get in on the giveaways. My day to help host is Sunday, August 13th. Please come hang out with me. I’ll have some paperbacks and more swag to give away.  🙂

Stay tuned. I’ll be doing a cover/title/blurb reveal on my Final Formula side story featuring Doug and Era very soon.



  1. Marking the 13th on my calendar and looking forward to settling in with my 23 good books…going for Ferromancer first, though!! Looking forward to seeing how this new series shapes up. I’ll be sure to leave a review…and I’m sure it will be a glowing one!

    • Thanks, Miriam! I hope you enjoy Ferromancer–and the rest of the collection. 🙂

  2. I’ve just bought my Dominion Rising boxed set & can’t wait to get started on Ferromancer. If it’s even half as good as the Final Formula series, I’m going to be a very happy bunny! I love the steam punk genre so fingers crossed, it’s the first of another great fantasy series by Becca.

    • Thanks for giving it a try, Marie. Hope you like it!

  3. I read Ferromancer and posted my review “luv to read” on Amazon website. Thank goodness you allow to 12m PST time (though it is only 10:30p) Now hopefully I get one of the giveaways. Also I loved the Lock character! Now the hard part is waiting for book 2. Do you have an eta? I am a bit greedy.

    • Thanks so much! Yes, you’re in the giveaway and I’ll be emailing you soon. 🙂

      So glad you’re enjoying the new series, and yes, Lock is a favorite. I writing book 2 now. I know I seem really speedy with two back-to-back releases, but it was an illusion. Ferromancer has been written since early May to make the deadline to be included in the bundle.