A Dog Person in a Cat World

The following is a bit of silliness from a recent newsletter, inspired by my Night Traveler Series…

Cats and dogs: an age old conflict that’s been around since we started sharing our campfires with them. And though it’s fine to claim to love them both, I’ve found that most folks favor one over the other. Myself, I’ve always fallen on the dog side of the continuum—which brings me to my current situation. Since the passing of my Jack Russell Terrier, I’ve spent the last few years in a cat exclusive household.

It’s been a bit of an adjustment for me. For example, if I drop a piece of food on the floor, I have to pick it up. The dog would have snapped that morsel out of the air before it hit the ground, but the cat just looks at me with disdain. I’m not sure if she doesn’t care for the lump of barbecue sitting on the linoleum, or if she thinks I’m slob.

Then there’s the social distancing. With my dog, if you were stationary for more than a few seconds, he was snuggled up beside you, but the cat has practiced keeping her distance long before COVID-19 got here. There have been many occasions where we’ve searched the house, trying to find her, only to discover her napping just out of sight, ignoring us. I’m sure she thinks humans are terrible at the game of hide and seek.

Now before my cat-loving friends get upset with me, this is all tongue-in-cheek. We have a wonderful cat and I’m very fond of her. But the fact remains that I really don’t get cats. Perhaps that’s why the main characters in my Night Traveler series are canids and their perplexing adversary is a jaguar. I guess it’s just a case of write what I know.

So how about you? Which side of the cat-dog continuum do you fall on?

If you’re a Facebook user, you can check out some pictures of Jack Russell on this post on my page.

As for our cat…

<–  The picture shows her option of this post.

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