Get an Alternative POV Scene from The Final Formula

Ever wonder what Rowan was thinking the first time he met Addie?  Now you can find out!  Just sign up for my newsletter (in the sidebar on the right), and you’ll be given access to Rowan’s thoughts the night he caught Addie in his kitchen, stealing one of his glasses.  🙂 As for my newsletter…  Fear not.  Your inbox won’t be bombarded with emails from me.  I’ll only email you with news of a new release, a giveaway, or perhaps the occasional contest.  So unless I learn to write faster, you won’t hear from me that often. Note – You’ll receive an email that asks you to click a link to confirm your subscription.  Once that is complete, you’ll receive a second email with a link to Rowan’s scene.  (The second email has taken over an hour to arrive for some people.) Thanks and enjoy!   Oh, and what do you think of the new look for my website?  The team at Streetlight Graphics designed it.  Pretty sweet, huh? Update – The signup widget doesn’t work well with some Droid phones.  If you have trouble signing up, please let me know.  Message me on Facebook, DM me on Twitter, or use the contact form here on my...

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With the release of The Blood Alchemist fast approaching (only two days to go!), I thought I’d share a few doodles from my sketch book.  I’m not much of an artist, but sometimes I do some sketches to get the creative juices flowing.  When I admitted as much to my Twitter buddy Jenn (who’s an awesome artist–check out her stuff!), she encouraged me to share.  So, here we go.  Yet another glimpse into my mind.  (Scary place, I know.  :P) These three sketches are scenes you might recognize from the three chapters I posted earlier in the week. This final sketch is from a scene a bit later in the book.  The images are a little on the small side here, but if you click on them, you can check them out in all their sloppy glory. And no, I haven’t had a single art class.  (Astonishing, huh?) But I do enjoy drawing.  There’s a certain satisfaction to getting close to capturing on paper what I see in my head.  I just wish I could draw people.  🙂 Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you found my doodles entertaining.  Be on the look out for The Blood Alchemist this Friday! Now back to work on the next...

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The Rock Cycle – A Story

I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago that my son had written a story for his sixth grade science class.  The assignment was to write a narrative and do character sketches to illustrate the rock cycle.  You know, when an igneous rock becomes a sedimentary rock, etc.  Some readers expressed an interest in seeing his story, so here it is. This tale is my son’s, but I might have helped with sentence structure and punctuation. 😉  Also, if you enjoyed the story, please leave a comment.  He’ll be thrilled. (The picture of “Maggie” was done by my daughter.  Both kids really got into this assignment.  We had a blast!) The Rock Cycle Iggy Obsidian was president of the Extrusive Igneous Rock Club. He’d been president for tens of thousands of years, and to be honest, he was tired of it. His fellow rock club members were so smooth and polished. Never a mineral out of place. They sat on their mountain and watched the world change around them. “I’m bored,” Iggy complained to Grandpa Granite one day. Grandpa Grant was president of the Intrusive Igneous Rock Club. He’d been around so long that he now lived on the surface instead of where he was born inside the mountain. “You need to go on a rock cycle,” Grandpa Grant said. “What’s a rock cycle?” Iggy asked. “It’s like a tour of the rock world. You see how the other rocks live.” “Sound like fun!” “Start at Cousin Bobby Sandstone’s. He runs the Country Brothers’ Sedimentary Rock Spa.” So Iggy went to visit Cousin Bobby. “Hi, Cousin Bobby. I want to see how sedimentary rocks live.” “It’s all about spa treatment, little bro. Erosion, deposition, compaction and cementation.” “Sounds complicated.” “Not at all, little bro.” So Iggy hung out at the spa for tens of thousands of years. His hard edges wore away and he relaxed in the riverbed, his minerals settling into layers. It was relaxing, but nothing ever happened. “I’m bored,” Iggy complained. “Have you tried the glacier rub?” Cousin Bobby asked. “It’s a great way to chill, little bro.” “I’m tired of just laying around. I want change.” “Change?” a new voice...

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