My kids have enjoyed following along on my publishing adventure.  My son was very supportive.  When I showed him my book on Amazon, he said, “That’s cool, but I was published before you.”  (His short story was selected for inclusion in a children’s anthology.)  So, I guess this all old hat to him.  😛 My daughter, on the other hand, was more supportive.  She drew me this awesome picture.  (I love the thought bubbles.  One says, “I love this book.”  And the other says, “I wonder what happens to Addie.”)  However, I’m not allowed to call it “fan art.”  Because, according to her, she’s not JUST a fan; she’s my daughter.  Hence, this post is labeled...

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My Very First Post

Hello and welcome!  Well, today is the big day.  The Final Formula is formatted and ready to go.  Today I fumble around and try to get it up on the various retail sites.  I’ll be creating accounts, trying to figure out what goes where, and pestering writer friends when I get stuck. I started the day by creating this website.  It’s just a simple thing I threw together.  A much cooler version will replace it in the near future, but until then, I hope this will suffice. Thanks for stopping by!  Now I’d better get to work....

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