The Heir of Death

Cover, Blurb, and Excerpt


Update: The wait is over!  FF 3.5, now The Heir of Death, has been uploaded everywhere.  (I’ve added the retailer links below.)  If it’s not available at your favorite retailer, check back later.  Some sites are slower than others to update.

Here’s the cover (that’s Doug, by the way) and blurb.  Click the link below to read an excerpt…

The-Heir-of-Death-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

Elysia Mallory has never embraced her magic, not when doing so comes at the price of her sanity. Her family is cursed with bizarre necromantic gifts that have driven each recipient mad, and she doesn’t want to be another dead branch on the family tree.

But when Elysia learns that an ancestor is still in the mortal world and using his rare gift to possess the Deacon, the leader of the necromancer community, she decides it’s time to take control of the power she was given. Will her gift give her the ability to right a wrong centuries in the making? Or will she become another puppet for him to control?

Read the first chapter here: The Heir of Death Excerpt

Pick up a copy here: Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & NobleKobo | Apple

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