Character Interview: Molly

A while back, I interviewed several characters from my Final Formula Series (you can find them here: FF fans). Those were so much fun that I wanted to do the same with my Iron Souls Series. I polled folks over on my Facebook page and they selected Perseus and Molly—much to my surprise. I decided to interview Molly first and save Perseus for after the release of Book Four. So be thinking about your questions for Perseus. Corroded: Iron Souls, Book Four releases on August 31, 2018.

Let’s get started…

Here’s Molly Rose, newest crew member of the Briar Rose, and by all accounts, a wonderful cook.

Becca: Thanks for taking time away from the stove to talk with us, Molly.

Molly: I honored to be here. (looks around) It’s so much cooler. (her gaze settles on the computer) What is that? Some kind of ferromantic device?

Becca: Um, no. Think of it as a typewriter.

Molly: (doesn’t look convinced) All right.

Becca: (clears throat) Moving on to the interview… Let’s begin with your position on the Briar Rose. It must be a bit of a culture shock to go from what you knew before to your life now. Do you miss your high society parties? Did you have to leave any friends behind?

Molly: Parties in Mr. Rose’s household were a source of anxiety for me. Everything had to be perfect. Attending another’s party wasn’t much better. As for friends, I was only permitted those that Mr. Rose judged as acceptable—and they were never the sort I wished to spend time with.

Becca: I can imagine. I wouldn’t like Andrew choosing my friends either. (turns back to question list) Janet would like to know if you expect to cook for the foreseeable future and if you really enjoy it?

Molly: Those who knew me before seem to have a hard time believing that I enjoy being part of a canal boat crew, but it’s the truth. I’ve made some wonderful new friends and discovered that I enjoy cooking.

Becca: Isn’t it a lot of work? You had servants before. I would think—

Molly: I’ve never minded work. I’m the sort of person who hates to be idle. I’m happiest when I’m busy and I love to see a task through to completion. As for cooking, I find it incredibly rewarding.

Becca: Even in the heat?

Molly: (laughs) All right, I could do without the heat—and perhaps the cramped conditions—but I enjoy the cooking process. Taking raw materials and creating something that others seem to truly savor… (shakes her head in wonder)

Becca: (smiles) The crew does rave about your cooking, especially Eli.

Molly: Mr. Waller certainly has a hearty appetite and does appreciate a good meal.

Becca: Oh yes. Speaking of Mr. Waller, I did get a few questions about him.

Molly: Oh?

Becca: Mandy would like to know if Mr. Waller has always been the perfect gentleman—even after a night of whiskey and cards.

Molly: Absolutely. He is not prone to over-indulgence—except at the dinner table. (chuckles before turning serious) I would not hesitate to name him the most gentlemanly man of my acquaintance.

Becca: Even though he’s just a canal boat steersman?

Molly: I refer to his manners and behavior, not the circumstances of his birth. I’ve come to the opinion that one’s social and financial status have little influence on character. In my experience, I’ve found the so called elite to be lacking in ways that Mr. Waller is not.

Becca: I wholeheartedly agree. (returns to list) What do you think of Mr. Waller’s relationship with Briar? Do you believe he only sees himself as her big brother?

Molly: He cares about her deeply and takes his role as her protector very seriously.

Becca: And the rest of it? Might he like Briar more than he should?

Molly: I haven’t had a conversation with him on the topic, but he is a man of integrity. I do not believe he would entertain any unwholesome thoughts in that regard.

Becca: He is certainly a man of integrity. As for being a protector, he seems to have extended that protection to you. He certainly went off on Andrew when he spoke ill of you.

Molly: Yes, he did. (smiles) I must say, his reaction surprised me.

Becca: Not as much as it surprised Andrew.

Molly: (laughs) Indeed.

Becca: Speaking of Andrew… Kathy would like to know if your marriage to him was forced.

Molly: Forced, no, but my father strongly encouraged it. And my father did not tolerate disobedience.

Becca: What was your childhood like?

Molly: My father was a man of influence and he put a lot of expectations on my sisters and me. I wouldn’t call my childhood a bad one, but there wasn’t a lot of room for play. To be honest, I was pleased to get the opportunity to marry and move away.

Becca: That leads well into my next question. Audrey would like to know if you ever saw anything in Andrew, and at what point you realized he wasn’t all that?

Molly: At first, I was flattered by his attention. He can be charming when he wants to be. Also, as I mentioned, I was happy for the opportunity to get away from my father’s expectations.

Becca: But you found that you’d stepped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Molly: Unfortunately. Mr. Rose revealed his true self almost as soon as the vows were said.

Becca: You regret marrying him?

Molly: Yes, and no. I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t married him. I wouldn’t have met Briar.

Becca: The two of you have grown close since you joined her crew. John would like to know how you feel about the reversal of your roles. After all, you were something of an authority figure to her and now she’s your captain.

Molly: I guess it seems our roles have reversed, but I really don’t see it that way. I feel that we’ve finally been able to become friends.

Becca: And your opinion on women wearing trousers?

Molly: (laughs) Well, it isn’t for me, but I long ago learned that Briar will do as she pleases—though I did find the trousers shocking at first.

Becca: And now?

Molly: I admire her refusal to let others dictate her choices.

Becca: What about her choice of man? Jenny would like to know what you think of Grayson. Does it bother you that he’s a ferromancer?

Molly: I think he’s a good person, and with regard to personality, a wonderful match for Briar. They’re like peas in a pod.

Becca: I sense a but coming.

Molly: (sighs) Yes. I do not fault him for what he is—that was not in his control—but the fact remains that he is destined to become a monster. I don’t want that for Briar. Or him. I hope some solution will be found. (lifts brows expectantly)

Becca: (coughs) I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. (quickly turns back to list) One final question.

Molly: All right.

Becca: Mollie would like to know if one can prepare a good cup of coffee on a boat.

Molly: (laughs) Of course. Mr. Waller even said that the anticipation of my coffee is what gets him out of bed in the morning.

Becca: That doesn’t surprise me. (sets list aside) Well, that’s all I got. Thanks for coming by, Molly.

Molly: It was no trouble. (eyes computer again) So, if it’s not ferromantic, what is it?

Becca: Electric.

Molly: Oh, right. (seems to relax) I bet Mr. Martel would love to take a look at that.

Becca: (grins) Yes, he would. If I ever have him in for an interview, I’ll be sure to put it away. He’d be too distracted otherwise.

Molly: True. (her smile fades as she grows serious) But about Mr. Martel…

Becca: Let’s just say I’m a happy ending kind of girl.

Molly: Then I won’t belabor the topic. (rises to her feet) I’d best get back to the boat. I left a pie cooling on the table. If Mr. Waller finds it…

Becca: (laughs) Understood.


  1. A delightful interview! Hints of questions and no real answers are so artfully written. I can’t wait for August 31!

  2. Yay! I’m excited for the upcoming book.

  3. That was fun. Thank you!
    Can’t wait for the next book!

  4. I’ve finished all four of the books in this series and I’ve just gotten around to this interview with Molly. I enjoyed learning more about her and where she came from. I already had a very high opinion of her character and am very happy for her change in circumstances. I can’t wait for the interview with Perseus as, to me, he is the most mysterious character. He is becoming a little clearer, though. Can’t wait for book 5 as I didn’t want Corroded to end! Thanks for doing the interview!

    • Thanks for giving the books a try! Glad you enjoyed the interview and yes, we’ll get to Perseus soon. 🙂