Character Interview: Addie

The-Final-Formula 800 Cover reveal and PromotionalContinuing with my month of fun, I’ve finally got my next character interview ready to go. Also, I’ve added a new item to the menu bar at the top of the page called FF Fans. I’ve gathered all the fun Final Formula related posts there. Things like character interviews, alternative point-of-view scenes, and (eventually) some short stories. It’s just an organization thing so fans don’t have to scroll through a bunch of old posts to find the fun stuff. Granted, it doesn’t have a huge amount of content, but I hope to change that.

Now, on to the interview. Today’s victim is Addie Daulton, everyone’s favorite alchemist and smartass.




Becca: Hey, Addie. Thanks for taking time away from the workbench to talk with us today.

Addie: I’m digging my introduction. (laughs) Smartass?

Becca: If the shoe fits…

Addie: Oh, it does. (winks) Thanks for having me. Now maybe Ian will shut up about what an honor it was to be interviewed by you.

Becca: (tries not to laugh) Has that been a problem?

Addie: Well, you know what a humble guy he is. He only brings it up about once an hour.

Becca: Sorry about that.

Addie: (waves away the apology) That’s just Ian. But I assume we’re not here to talk about him.

Becca: No. This time, fans want to learn more about you. They even supplied a list of questions. (picks up a sheet of paper)

Addie: Wow, that’s some list. Good thing I turned off the hot plate.

Becca: You didn’t leave Ian to watch it?

Addie: He’s out. I suspect he went shopping. He’s still looking to replace that smoking jacket. (rolls her eyes)

Becca: Hmm. (tries not to look guilty) Shall we begin?

Addie: Hit me.

Becca: (turns to question list) The most popular topic is your past.

Addie: I’m not sure how much I can tell you about that. The amnesia makes my recall a bit spotty.

Becca: Ha ha. I believe these questions are about how you deal with that. For example, do you ever wonder if you have any relatives out there? Parents, siblings, or good friends who don’t know what became of you?

Addie: I was an Alchemica alchemist for almost twenty years before I lost my memory. From what I’ve seen, we were secretive in the extreme, even to the point of assuming false names. Someone who lives a life like that probably doesn’t have many close friends or family. Although, I have wondered if I do. It would be one reason to take the Final Formula.

Becca: You mean, take it again to regain your memories?

Addie: Yes. Of course with my luck, I’ll probably learn that I had a childhood best left forgotten.

Becca: I suppose that’s possible.

Addie: I guess I’ll never know.

Becca: (clears throat) Continuing with this topic, I did have a couple of fans ask about your dreams. Do you ever dream about your past? Your childhood?

Addie: I can’t say for certain. I sometimes have vague dreams about people I almost remember and places that feel familiar. I wake with an odd longing I can’t define. It’s a bit maddening, to be honest, but it doesn’t happen often.

Becca: How about the Alchemica? Do you ever dream about your time there?

Addie: Those dreams are more common, but I don’t think I’m dreaming about the past. Since I’ve met some of my colleagues, I think I take what I know about them, and me, and spin it into a dream. But the bulk of my dreams are about the people and things that are going on in my life now.

Becca: With regard to your time at the Alchemica, let’s talk about the dichotomy that is Addie and Amelia. Maxine asks, “Is there any trace of Amelia still somewhere inside you?”

Addie: I want to take the word of my friends and say that I’ve always been the person I am today. I’m still driven and a bit overly confident—so I’m told—but the difference is that I have good people around me now. Well, excluding Ian, of course. (winks) But… I don’t know. That all feels like an excuse.

Becca: Which brings me to Kelly’s question. She asks, “Do you think regaining your memories will change who you are now?”

Addie: It concerns me that it might. Our memories are supposed to make us who we are. And I like who I am now. So… (shrugs)

Becca: Fair enough. One last question on the topic. Gwynn asks, “Who do you think you really are?”

Addie: The lost heiress of a great fortune.

Becca: (laughs) Nice.

Addie: You could make it happen.

Becca: And Rowan requested a hot tub scene.

Addie: (blushes) He didn’t.

Becca: He did.

Addie: We’re not going there, are we? (leans forward to look at question list)

Becca: Surprisingly, no. Well, depending on where you take this scenario. Maria asks, “If there is a big alchemical poof that made everyone switch places, who would you want to be temporarily displaced with and what would you do with their body/power?”

Addie: (laughs) I’m pretty sure that’s outside the bounds of alchemy.

Becca: But what if?

Addie: Okay. I’ll play. Hmm. (rubs her chin) I’m not fond of dead things, so I wouldn’t want to be a necromancer. Though it would be fun to take Xander out and get him a Mohawk haircut and a neck tattoo.

Becca: (snorts) Now there’s a mental image. How about switching places with a particular Fire Element?

Addie: I already get in enough trouble for blowing things up.

Becca: I think the question was what would you do with the power or body.

Addie: I thought we weren’t going there.

Becca: You said that, I didn’t. (winks) Besides, I think you already went there.

Addie: (blushes) Maybe.

Becca: (laughs) Okay, I won’t tease you.  We can–

Addie: Hey, do I get to come back to my own body if something unfortunate happens to the one I possessed?

Becca: Uh…

Addie: You know, like if Neil took an ill-fated swim in the Ohio.

Becca: I’m not sure that was the intention of the question.

Addie: (makes a face) I guess that proves that Amelia is still around.

Becca: Maybe. (clears throat) Speaking of those you don’t get along with… April wants to know if you’ve ever considered getting revenge on Doug for the reanimated flies.

Addie: Oh, the desire is there, but I’m afraid of how he’ll retaliate. Necromancer, you know? Though it would be easy to get him back for the flies. I wouldn’t even need alchemy. Just pull all his clothes off the hangers and leave them crumbled in the floor. He’d freak out if he had to wear wrinkled clothes. He’s vain as hell.

Becca: I suspect it’s genetic.

Addie: Heh. I think you’re right.

Becca: As for clothing choices, we all know about your aversion to dressing up and shopping. April also wants to know if you’d feel differently about shopping for Rowan.

Addie: I find shopping to be a tedious waste of time when I can just go online and grab a couple of t-shirts and a pair of jeans in a few minutes. But I don’t mind picking up a gift for someone, and I love to shop for the lab.

Becca: (smiles) Why doesn’t that surprise me? Speaking of the lab, Maria had a couple of questions. First, aside from alchemy, what else would you like to go back and study?

Addie: I could use a deeper understanding of biochemistry.

Becca: (shakes head) And how about those so-called alchemy instructors like Boris Tuppins, whose labs you used and abused. Have you heard from any of them?

Addie: (snorts) No. Why would I?

Becca: I thought they might have seen you on the news. You’ve received a lot of press lately.

Addie: I hadn’t considered it. Maybe I need to pay Master Boris a visit sometime.

Becca: I would love to see that. (grins) As for your recent popularity… Andrea wants to know if you still feel the need to hide your tattoos.

Addie: If I’m out in public with the Elements, I make an effort. Since everyone knows that Rowan is mine, I don’t want to compromise his, or his family’s identities.

Becca: As for the public aspect of your relationship with Rowan, I’ve been asked if you’ve ever considered setting up a certain someone so they’ll stop focusing on your love life and you can tease them instead.

Addie: If that’s directed at Ian, the answer is no. For one, he’s dead. And two, he’s completely devoted to his wife—though she’s been gone for centuries. Besides, it wouldn’t stop him from butting into my love life. Though I should point out that he means well, even if he can be a bit exasperating.

Now if you’re talking about Era, well that scenario has possibilities. (wiggles eyebrows)

Becca: (laughs) Do you have a guy in mind?

Addie: No. Maybe I should give that task to Elysia. It’s more her thing.

Becca: Speaking of Elysia, what do you think of her and James?

Addie: I hope they can find a way through their differences. I think they’re great together. She’s brought out a side of James I’ve never seen. He’s not my meek little sidekick anymore.

Becca: No, he’s not. And at some point I’ll have to get him in here to tell us about it.

Addie: Uh-oh. I’d better warn him.

Becca: Come on. It’s not that bad. Besides, if I interview James, Ian won’t be able to hold his interviewee status over him either.

Addie: Good point. There’s enough animosity between those two.

Becca: True. Well, that’s all I have. (sets down list) Thanks for stopping by.

Addie: No problem. (starts to get up and hesitates) So…you know how this all ends?

Becca: More or less.

Addie: (nods) Do I…

Becca: I can’t tell you that.

Addie: (looks concerned)

Becca: But I promise to make the hot tub scene tasteful.

Addie: (laughs) I guess that’ll have to do.

Becca: You’re just going to have to trust me. (winks)


  1. HA! Cleverly done. Character interviews are some of my favorite outtakes.

    • They’re great fun to write and surprisingly helpful from my perspective. Fans ask questions I haven’t considered, or I have to look at things from a character whose POV I don’t normally write in. It’s a win-win. 🙂

  2. Maxine Teague

    AWESOME!!!! I wonder if no one “went there” with Rowan and Addie because we all worry about the fine line he is treading between controlling his power and letting it consume him. Who could imagine a world where Addie and Rowan are not together??!?!?! Thanks Becca, another “fix” till the next FF release!!!

    • Good point. Addie and Rowan still have some obstacles to overcome in that regard. Glad you enjoyed the interview! 🙂

  3. Rachelle

    Um epic