Blood Gifts

Blood-Gifts-800 Cover reveal and PromotionalHappy release day!  Blood Gifts, my Ian novella, has been uploaded in all the usual places.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  Writing Ian as a young man was great, and I also enjoyed getting Isabelle on the page.  I hope you like it!

I’ve listed the ebook links below.  The print book will be available soon.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Blood Gifts is almost cruel. I was horrified to reach the end. If more young Ian and Isabelle stories appeared, I’d be first in line to read them.

    I was expecting to enjoy reading the story, but I was also really moved by it. Ian’s weaknesses are put on display right from the start, but his journey of self-discovery (every good story needs one, right?) is believable. He’s definitely come far by the end of the book, but the hint of what’s to come is still there – and that makes me really sad for him all over again 🙂

    In the scope of the Final Formula series, Addie and Ian make a perfect pair of kindred spirits — I’m glad they found each other 🙂

    Now … if I can just have back stories for Cora and Donovan, and possibly a book where Waylon (is that his first or last name?) gets to save the day, I can rest easy.

    • Yes, knowing where Ian’s story goes makes this one bittersweet, but it was an interesting experience to write him before everything went bad.

      I would like to do a novella featuring how the Elements met, showing more of Cora and Donovan’s histories. But that might have to wait until after FF5. Oh, and Waylon is his last name. 🙂

  2. R Andre' Pedersen

    Hi. I am a 73 year-old male who has spent almost 60 years reading about 5 books a week. Due to Narcolepsy I only sleep 4 hours a night. All this time I have read school/college books and Science Fiction. I have stayed away from Fantasy of all kinds because I never found anything that could hold my interest. Somehow, I recently bought the first 3-book-set of ‘The Final Formula Series’. Late one night I started reading and was immediately intrigued. 3 days later (yesterday) I finished them. I have just purchased all the others in this series and look forward to them and any other books you have written. Great story. Believable characters. Well fleshed out (pun intended). Thank you.

    • Thanks! I’m humbled to be the one to turn you to the dark side, I mean, the fantasy side of fiction. 🙂

  3. Loved it, as always. Can’t wait for FF5!

    I do get mixed up with whose blood gift does what.. Would love to see an outline of what the characters’ manifested blood gifts are, strengths & weaknesses, etc. It would be a great way to sharpen up for FF5 (in addition to re-readin the series).

    • Thanks! Glad you liked it. 🙂 I’ll see if I can put together a refresher before FF5 comes out.

  4. Wow. What a book! Wow. I was mortified to start seeing the depths of Lex’s depravity–it was like being unable to look away from a train wreck. And knowing that later on things end so tragically for Isabelle and her children had me cringing and crying inside. I’ll be wincing as I read the further development of this backstory. Very effective!

    • Yes, on the surface this is a happy story, but knowing where it all goes… Ugh. I hadn’t planned on writing more of Ian’s backstory, but I’ve been getting a lot of encouragement to write another installment. So perhaps I will. 🙂

      • Yes, while much can be done through mentioning parts here and there in a novel, it’s not nearly as satisfying as a full-blown narrative. 🙂 I dread what I will read, but I’m looking forward to it!

  5. HJ Ross

    So it looks like you’re cranking a book then novella out about every 2 months. Is this timeline continuing for book 5 or is it farther out than July since the first the first 4 chapters were in Blood Gifts?

    I’ve been recovering from neck fusion surgery & headed back for a frozen shoulder release in a couple of weeks & am planning my reading collections during recovery. Since there is no advance purchase option on Bk 5 , which is typically available when books are 2 months from release, I thought I’d ask.

    Blood Gifts is your best so far, it should be a full length book instead of novella.

    • Blood Gifts was a side story/backstory novella I threw out there at the request of fans who wanted to see more of Ian’s past. It’s not the next in-between novella. I just finished the rough draft of FF4.5 and plan to release it this summer. If all goes well, FF5 should be out this fall. (I just started plotting it.)

      Thanks for reading, and best of luck on your upcoming surgery!

      • Barbara

        Hooray! It’s good to know I can look forward to at least two more in the series – and relatively soon. I’ve enjoyed all of them so far, very much!

        Speaking as a brand new reader of the series, I was fortunate to have read Blood Gifts before any others in the series. It works well as the prologue to the series, and I didn’t have any prior knowledge of the pain to come, which made it a very enjoyable story on its own. Thank you for such marvelous characters to relate to!

        • Becca

          Thanks so much for sharing your reading experience! Beta readers told me that Blood Gifts would work as a stand alone, but I was hesitant to call it a prequel because I feared spoiling a few minor things in the series. Ian is a bit closed lip at first, and Addie must gradually learn things about him like his true last name and the relationship between him and the original Deacon. But I can see where it might also be a fun dynamic for the reader to know those things while she doesn’t. 🙂