Character Interview: Ian Mallory

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be interviewing a character from my Final Formula series here on my website. I found it difficult to select a character (I love them all), so I asked fans to make the selection for me. After a  tense round of voting (here and on my Facebook page), a winner was named, and questions solicited.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  I hope you enjoy the following interview. 🙂 Now, without further ado, I give you Ian Mallory, undead necromancer, alchemist, and smartass… (silence) Perhaps he didn’t care for the introduction…   Becca: (raises voice) Whenever you’re ready, Ian. (waits) Ian? (footsteps echo in the hall, and a moment later he steps into the room) Ian: I’m here. (his cheeks dimple with a smile) Becca: You found the mirror in the foyer, didn’t you? Ian: (straightens his sleeve) Why do you ask? Becca: No reason. Please have a seat and we’ll get started. Ian: (smoothes his coat before settling into a chair) So, it’s true? Your fans selected me for your first interview? Becca: This isn’t going to go to your head, is it? Ian: Of course not. I’m humbled to be chosen. Becca: You? Humble? Ian: When it suits me. Becca: (tries not to laugh because it only encourages him) I commend you for your honesty—which is what your fans expect today. Ian: I won’t betray their trust. Becca: (studies him a moment) Okay. Let’s jump to our first question… Kendra would like to know a little more about your tailor. Ian: Naturally. Though, in this modern age, he is more a purveyor of garments rather than a creator. But the man is skilled with a needle when he can’t find what I’m looking for. I would judge him to be as talented as his ancestor. Becca: You knew his ancestor? Ian: Ironically—or not—he is the descendant of the tailor I used to frequent when I was alive. Becca: How is that not ironic? Ian: Addie suggested that there is a magical connection. Becca: You don’t think so? Ian: Addie sees magic in everything. Myself, I believe that it is simply a matter of the family...

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