Night Traveler, Book Two

The story continues…



For shaman Tegan Morgenstern, dreams are a bridge to the spirit world and something she has always guarded against. But now that she has faced the monsters from her past, she is free to explore a side of herself she has long denied—until she comes to the attention of Tezcatlipoca, a talented shapeshifter named for an Aztec god. It seems she has piqued his interest, but figuring out his true intentions will have to wait.

In the waking world, Tegan must watch her friend Xol gradually lose control of his own shamanistic magic, opening him to possession by an ancestral spirit. Xol is losing large chunks of time, unable to remember where he’s been or what he’s been doing. But when local law enforcement discovers the blood of a murder victim in Xol’s vehicle, things go from bad to worse.

Out of options, Tegan has no choice but to accept the help of Tezcatlipoca. The arrogant immortal seems confident that he can exorcise Xol, but the question remains: what will the self-declared god demand in return?

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