Character Interview: Perseus

It’s almost release day! Caught in Crystal, the anthology that includes my novella Iron Tears, goes live tomorrow. So I’ve got time to squeeze in one more character interview. As promised, Perseus is next up for the hot seat. Our Scourge warrior doesn’t say a whole lot, though he has warmed up recently. Hopefully, he won’t be too quiet today.

Without further ado, I give you Perseus.

Becca: Do you have a last name or title I should add?

Perseus: No. Perseus is fine. Those who know me don’t require more.

Becca: (smiles) It is a unique name and you do seem to have a certain reputation—within the ferromancer race and beyond. But with regard to the name, you’ve admitted you’re immortal and—

Perseus: If it’s all the same, I’d rather not go into that. There are those I haven’t been open with and if word got back that I told you…

Becca: Um, you can’t be open with me?

Perseus: It was my understanding that this conversation would be made public.

Becca: Yes, that’s right.

Perseus: (nods and settles back in his chair)

Becca: (clears throat) Okay. We’ll skirt your distant past, but you have admitted that being immortal has left you hesitant to form close friendships. How is it that you’re working with a partner?

Perseus: It just made sense. Our talents compliment each other. Kali and I make a good team.

Becca: (waits for elaboration…)

Perseus: (lifts eyebrows) Anything else?

Becca: Apparently not. (sighs and turns to question list) Kali’s sensitivity seems to surprise you at times. John would like to know if her talent is unique?

Perseus: She frequently surprises me. I’ve never worked with someone so sensitive. I only wish she had some training so that she could better understand the things she senses.

Becca: That’s right. She grew up outside the ferromancer world—which leads into the next question. A few people were curious about how you and Kali met. It had something to do with her ferromancer father, right?

Perseus: That’s correct. I was hunting him and he was hunting her.

Becca: And?

Perseus: Kali came through in a big way. She impressed me.

Becca: Her talent?

Perseus: Her heart.

Becca: Since the story of how you and Kali met will be revealed soon, I’ll leave it there. (winks) Moving on… When we first met you and Kali, she had a disruptor. Since neither of you were working for the ferra at the time, where did it come from?

Perseus: It was mine. I had found it on a fallen comrade shortly after the ferromancer troubles began in Europe.

Becca: It wasn’t given to you by a ferra you served?

Perseus: No.

Becca: Huh. With regard to the ferra, Kelly would like to know if you’ve been freelance long, or have you always served the ferra—at least until recently. Were you oath sworn?

Perseus: Freelance? This word is new to me, but I get your meaning. Hmm. In the early days, I served my family, but there have been occasions over the years that I found reason to be oath sworn. Though I’ve been freelance far more than the other, especially recently.

Becca: You mention your family. We know you had a brother. Did you have other siblings?

Perseus: Half siblings.

Becca: Your father was human, right? Were you close to him?

Perseus: I thought you agreed to leave my distant past alone.

Becca: Right. Sorry. (turns back to question list) How about a mentor? Mandy wonders if you had one and who that might be.

Perseus: The captain of my mother’s guard. He was an outstanding fighter and trained me well.

Becca: Have you had other partners, like Kali?

Perseus: Prior to the current trouble, a ferromancer escape was rare. In recent years, I’ve teamed up with others on particular missions, but once the trouble was resolved, I went my own way. My partnership with Kali is unique.

Becca: Interesting. Speaking of hunting ferromancers, Kathy would like to know if there was one particular ferro you disliked the most.

Perseus: Each case was different and presented its own obstacles. The worst were always the drakes. They’re fast in a fight, can make the soulless with just a touch, and they can fly. I once had to track one through some nearly impassable mountains when he flew off with a nobleman’s daughter. He used the terrain and his ability to fly to his advantage. I had to use a lance to take him down.

Becca: That sounds a lot like the tale of St. George and the dragon.

Perseus: I wasn’t on horseback.

Becca: Are you saying—

Perseus: It was long ago and hardly pertinent.

Becca: You hold the cards close to the vest, don’t you? I feel for Kali.

Perseus: I see no need to dwell on the past.

Becca: Okay, I won’t pry. (skims over questions) You mentioned a lance. Do you have a favorite weapon?

Perseus: I’ve always been fond of a crossbow, and the one Grayson crafted for me is the best I’ve ever owned.

Becca: You seem to have befriended Grayson. Jenn was wondering if you’ve befriended ferromancers before. What happens if things go bad?

Perseus: As a guardsman in a ferra stronghold, I’ve watched many ferromancers grow from children to adults. After my brother, I didn’t allow myself to become close to those in my charge, but it was difficult and I wasn’t always as successful as I would like.

Becca: And Grayson?

Perseus: (sighs) I do consider him a friend. Hopefully, I won’t have to put him down.

Becca: As long as Briar is around, it seems that won’t be an issue. After all, she saved the ferromancer race. What do you think of her solution?

Perseus: It was not the solution I expected.

Becca: And her solution for your, um, immortality problem? It can’t be easy that she asked you to wait.

Perseus: I swore an oath to protect the world from the monsters of my race. This is just an extension of that.

Becca: (lifts eyebrows and waits)

Perseus: (sighs) It wasn’t easy to agree to wait.

Becca: You’re that eager for death?

Perseus: A life without end is not a life.

Becca: Huh. (debates digging deeper, but knows that would be futile) Well, that’s all I’ve got. Thanks for agreeing to this. I know fans find you an enigmatic guy—

Perseus: It’s not intentional.

Becca: Even so, I don’t think this interview cleared up much. Perhaps we’ll get more of your story when we move into another series of your adventures.

Perseus: Perhaps. (his expression gives nothing away)

Becca: Then I’ll let you go. I’m sure you’re anxious to get back to the others.

Perseus: I am. Briar is working on her hand-to-hand, and Kali offered to be her sparing partner.

Becca: Oh yes. (makes shooing gesture) You’d better go.

Perseus: (smiles and gets to his feet) Of course. It would be a shame to miss it.

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