Making My First Book Trailer

I’ve wanted to make a book trailer for a while now, so for The Final Formula’s first birthday (publication birthday), I decided to give it a go. I ended up having a lot of fun with this project, but there was a learning curve.

When I started, I knew nothing about trailer making–or any kind of video editing. After studying some of the other trailers out there, I wrote a short script, then went in search of the imagery.  I dug through loads of stock photos and footage–what a time sink that was–and finally found some things I could work with. I wasn’t familiar with any movie making software, so I decided to use what came free with my computer. I highly recommend iMovie to anyone just starting out.  It was easy to use and gave the final product a, dare I say, professional appearance.

I love visual media and wish I was more handy with such things. One of these days, I need to learn to use Photoshop. I’ve been into digital scrapbooking for years, but the software I use for that is a bit limiting. I think it would be a blast to make book covers, but that’s a project for another day. Meanwhile, I have a novel to write.  😉

So without further ado, here’s my trailer.  Hope you like it!




  1. Cat Curtis

    Liked the trailer. Have loved every book thus far! Can’t wait to read #3! Will you be making a movie of these? Hope so because I think the books would make great movies..would love to see the special effects that they would come up with!

  2. Cat Curtis

    Hi Becca! I tried to sign up for your newsletter but I keep getting an “oops! Page cannot be found” message. Would love to get your newsletter! Your books have all kept me up way past my bedtme! I can’t seem to put them down once I start reading! Addictive!

    • Hey, Cat! I manually added you, and sent you an email with the alternative POV link. Thanks for your interest!

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